I offer two types of therapy

Short-term psychotherapy of 12 sessions, where we would agree from the onset to look at a more focused issue.  

Long-term psychotherapy which would give us more time to address issues at a deeper level.

What is psychodynamic psychotherapy?

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy, such as, 'humanistic', 'person centred', 'integrative' and 'psychodynamic'. My approach to psychotherapy is from the psychodynamic perspective. This has its roots in psychoanalysis (Freud et. al), where experiences from the past may influence your present life. Through these past experiences, patterns and ways of relating may have been formed. These patterns have often been developed unknowingly. I aim to facilitate a judgement free and safe environment, for us to think and work collaboratively, to identify and understand some of these patterns and feelings, so as to gain a fuller understanding of what may be going on for you.